The Startup Quality Survey

Your teammates’ answers to these 10 questions can help you improve your business:

1. Are you proud of the work that you are doing within your organization?

2. Is it common for shifting priorities to cause rework or waste in your company?

3. How honest is the dialogue between employees and managers on your team?

4. How important are visible figures, metrics, and quantitative objectives to your startup?

5. Does leadership consistently work toward a common goal of improving the product or service?

6. How significant are barriers between teams within your company?

7. How often does leadership make short term decisions that are contrary to the long term vision?

8. How stable is the number of employees at your company?

9. How likely are you to look for another job outside of your current company?

10. How happy are customers with your product or service?


Here are an additional 5 “meta” questions which can be used to stratify your results:

11. What is your main role in the organization?

12. Are you a member of the leadership team?

13. How many people work at your company?

14. How many employees do you manage directly?

15. Do you have any additional comments?


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